Am i allowed to use my personnel drone for work.

 Drones are currently regulated by the UK's Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)and split up into three different weight categories: 20kg or less, 20kg to 150kg, and above 150kg. For the lightest tier, you don't need a certificate or permit to start flying your drone for personnel use. The only exception is for "aerial work," which refers to any flights where you (the pilot) is  being paid. This also extends to anyone being paid in their job role while flying for commercial use. 

Where can i get training to become a certified pilot

 The first step in the process to become a pilot is that you need to be educated in air law and safe operations of your UAS, then build an operations manual, undertake a flight test and apply for permission to fly from the CAA (in the UK).  Thhis whole process to usually take 2 months – the CAA turnaround time for new applications is 4 weeks. 

More infomation can be found on the CAA webpage: http://www.caa.co.uk/Commercial-industry/Aircraft/Unmanned-aircraft/Small-drones/Guidance-on-using-small-drones-for-commercial-work/

Does UAV Dynamix have insurance

As required under the law and guidance of the CAA  UAV Dynamix has Comprehensive aviation insurance and specialist insurance cover that covers all aspects of commercial drone Operators in the UK and international operation  

Are there any designated NO FLY ZONES IN THE UK

In line with long-standing international agreements, the UK has a well-established system for notifying blocks of airspace where particular limitations are placed on the flight of all aircraft (manned and unmanned).  Such areas are typically either: Prohibited Areas, Restricted Areas or Danger Areas (military ranges etc).  Other airspace may have temporary restrictions imposed at specific times, either as a result of a longer term pre-planned event, or in reaction to a short notice occurrence, such as an emergency incident.  Further details can be found in the UK Aeronautical Information Package (UK AIP) at the NATS Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) website.  

Please also see the following link for additional NO FLY ZONES's: http://www.noflydrones.co.uk/

How long does it take before my project is completed

Geting the finished product can take as little as one day but could also take a few weeks.

This is all dependant on some of the  factors listed below but not limited to these.

  • Location, are there any no fly zones or restricted areas. If so it will take time obtain the relevant permissions and exemptions that have to be applied for and implemented 
  • Weather, UAV Dynamix and its staff can not be held responsible or liable if the weather is not fit for flying on the day. We will always endeavour to arrange an alternative date.
  • Data Prepossessing, Depending on the processing of the gathered data, images or video. We are also able to give you the RAW information to process yourself.