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Our Company

 UAV Dynamix Ltd is a UK based company, providing aerial videography, photography and surveying operations by means of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) and operate under the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Air Navigation Order 2009.   

Our highly trained personnel are based in the UK. We also have an extensive network of international  pilots, that are able to provide great Aerial imagery, while assuring our clients they are working with an outstanding UK CAA approved drone company. 

Our Mission

At UAV Dynamix we believe that we can offer our clients the most diverse range of platforms, and solutions, that will increase safety and increase profitability for their particular needs.  

Risk Mitigation

UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles)  are a proven and effective method to manage risk in a multitude of different industrial and commercial applications. Being equipped with extremely efficient and smart payloads. UAV’s can combine outstanding performance with the ability to manage risk much more effectively by increasing the level of safety in a wide variety of business scenarios. Working from height time and risk will be significantly reduced by implementing drones. The amount of man hours spent on high ladders, man lifts, scaffolding, and rooftops to initially visualize an issue will, for the most part, be unnecessary. We will retrieve this information safely from the ground using our aerial data collection drones. 

It is clear that UAV's can perform tasks with a level of safety and risk mitigation that exceeds all traditional methods previously utilized.

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